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Growing Need

Thousands of Aussie's have had their lives turned upside down by COVID-19, just like CAP clients Sarah and Mark, who both lost their income.

The economic impact of the pandemic has already seen a drastic increase in need. This need is only expected to grow over the next while as even more families find themselves in seemingly impossible situations. Over the past 20 years of CAP Australia, thousands of lives have been transformed and have prepared CAP for a time such as this — but your help is needed to go the distance.

We’re doing what we have always done, but now, there’s a call to ‘enlarge the place of your tent’ and reach wide. There’s an urgent cry for the church to meet more people, to bring God’s Kingdom to earth and lift people out of poverty.

Sarah & Mark

A few years ago, the arrival of Sarah & Mark’s first child was met with complications and postnatal depression. To provide the additional care needed, Sarah’s return to work was delayed and what was once a healthy amount of savings vanished. They were getting hounded by creditors, taking a toll on their family.

“The phone was constantly going off and it was just incessant, we couldn’t get on top of it”

Someone in an online mothers group mentioned CAP might be able to help — and they were right. After a visit from their local church’s CAP Debt Coach, a situation that once felt impossible had hope for the first time.

“Once it all got set up and we were starting to see that everything was in order, it was like the clouds had completely parted.”

There was hope

Now, Sarah and Mark have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing dried up Sarah’s bookings as a professional photographer and Mark’s hours at his retail position vanished as doors closed. It was tough, but straight away they were able to call their CAP caseworker and together work out a solution that would keep them afloat.

“We feel like there's so much uncertainty and there’s definite anxiety there. But I just can imagine it being so much worse.”

Sarah and Mark have the confidence to face this uncertain time because they have an advocate in CAP, someone who is with them, able to relieve the pressure and give them space to breathe.

“We’re looking forward to things at the moment, which sounds ridiculous in the midst of a pandemic.”

There’s a call to reach wider, go further

Will you say, “we’re with you”?

With your help, CAP Australia can increase its capacity significantly, to partner with more churches, open new debt centres and provide more CAP Money Coaching across Australia, to meet the urgent and ever-growing need around us.

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